Data Analytics Services

Data analytics is used to extract actionable insights from business data for quick and informed decision-making. For customers in 30+ industries, SDProtechnologies' data experts with years of experience design and develop tailored analytics solutions and render managed analytics services.

We design and implement an analytics solution with the basic functionality to address your current data analytics needs and scale up as they grow. Your data analytics solution may include such elements as DWH, OLAP cubes, data visualization, data science, big data components etc.

SDProtechnologies Ltd

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Within a subscription fee, you carry out data analysis on a fully customized cloud analytics platform built and maintained by SDProtechnologies.


Managed Data Analysis

SDProtechnologies' data analysts collect and process your data to deliver quick one-time or recurrent analytics insights to you.


Data Management Services

We implement a robust data management framework to organize your processes of data collection, storage, access, security, analysis.

Why Choose Us

Maximize Your Data Value with SDProtechnologies

We render a full range of data analytics services, which allow our clients to achieve up to:

  • 100 times faster data reporting.
  • 20% revenue increase.
  • 80% reduction of operational costs.
  • 25% reduction of churn rate.
  • We understand and change ourselves according to global and local market.
  • Deep industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Approach to build long term relationship.
  • Flexible business models.
  • One stop shop for all over technology expertise.
  • We use proven project management process.
  • Commitment towards deadline.
  • Intellectual property rights protection.
  • Customer satisfaction its our number one priority.

SDProtechnologies will help you build accurate and transparent analytics and reporting to eliminate the guesswork out of your business processes and identify new profit opportunities.