Software Development Services

Software development services are aimed at designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving various software types. Serving mid & large enterprises and software product companies since 1989, SDProtechnologies develops quality software for retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries.

Our software development highlights

  • End-to-end software development – we envision, plan, design, develop, integrate, deploy, and support software solutions.
  • In-house project management office (PMO) – our PMs are experienced in large complex projects with distributed teams and multiple vendors involved.
  • Services built around strict agreed KPIs – business outcomes, quality of delivered software, code quality, development process efficiency, project time and costs (actual costs vs budget, budget to completion vs budget remaining, etc.), team’s productivity, and customer/user satisfaction.
Enterprise resource and process management
  • ERP, SCM (Supply Chain Management), PLM, PIM
  • Finance, accounting, budgeting, invoicing and billing
  • Document management, contract management, record management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Procurement, vendor portals, inventory management and optimization
  • HR and talent management, workforce scheduling, employee performance
  • Business intelligence
Industry-specific software
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance claim management
  • E-government

Digital channels to customers

  • Ecommerce
  • Customer portals
  • Advertising
  • Digital signage
  • Content management, DAM
  • Video streaming
  • Customer analytics

Industrial solutions

  • Smart factory
  • MES
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment monitoring, OEE
  • Quality management
  • Field service
  • Industrial analytics

Software Development Methodologies We Employ

Agile: the iterative approach with an emphasis on collaboration and continuous improvement. Software is developed in small portions and new features are delivered on a regular basis.

Linear: the sequential approach in which the next chunk of work is done when the previous one is finished and approved by the stakeholders.

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  • Taking your budget limits seriously
  • Transparent service supported by regular reports
  • Cultivating continuous improvement
  • Tailored communication with each stakeholder

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